SFB 840 Kolloquien WS 2018/2019

Datum / Date Sprecher /Speaker Titel / Title
17.06.2019           H 36, NWIII,           17 Uhr s. t. ***Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tsukruk, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA "Design and Assembly of Organized Functional Bionanocomposites"
04.03.2019           PNS, EG              11 Uhr s. t. Prof. Dr. Boaz Mizrahi, Biotechnology & Food Engingeering, Technion -Israel Institute of Technology "Stimuli Responsive Biomaterials"
04.02.2019           H 36, NWIII,           17 Uhr s. t. Dr. Juliana Martins de Souza e Silva, Institute of Physics, MartinLuther University Halle-Wittenberg "Nanotomographic X-ray imaging for materials science and biological systems"
21.01.2019           H 36, NWIII,           17 Uhr s. t. ***Prof. Dr. Nico Sommerdijk, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, TU Eindhofen, Niederlande "Advanced Electron Microscopy to study Nucleation and Growth in Solution"
08.10.2018           H 32, FAN,           17 Uhr s. t. ***Prof. Dr. Charlotte Williams, Department of Chemistry,University of Oxford, UK "Switchalbe Polymerization Catalysis as a Means to Deliver Multi-Block Copolymers From Monomer Mixtures"

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